Choose a Perfect Expo for Better Supplies in Your Restaurant

An expo means nothing but restaurant expeditor who is responsible for helping to maintain the efficiency of a kitchen by delivering dishes.

This means, an expeditor does not take orders from customer and they just deliver items to the customer’s table when dishes are ready.

An expo job is responsible for helping waiters and waitress and also keeps up a flow of items from the kitchen to the table to the dishwasher.

Ensure that your food is prepared and delivered properly and expeditors to hasten orders and deliveries.

Responsibilities of an Expeditor

The major role of the expo is to serve as an intermediate between customers and the kitchen staff. This is why the expo position plays a significant role in the restaurant. They give customer satisfaction depends on how good he is at his job. There are several responsibilities to fulfill as expo at a restaurant.

The only person communicates with the wheel or lead line cook. The most important thing an expo must be is in charge of the restaurant.

The expeditor should follow the pace of each table and make sure that the servers are not rushing or lagging tables. This means the expos should understand the steps of service at the table and how long items take to cook.

The restaurant expo should be quick and the customer has to be able to trust him or her. As expos, they make sure anything that comes out of the kitchen is the best for your restaurant.

The FOH staffs respond all the requests and questions through the expeditor and then they relay it to the wheel. After that, the wheel calls the specific line position and he calls it back to respond to the request.

The expo position should have an almost-obsessive personality and they can keep control and never loses their control.

The main role of expeditor is to remind all the duties of the servers.  It will improve customer service.

Particularly, the expo role is crucial while the restaurant is busy like lunch and dinner rushes. In that case, the expos interact with the employees and help the busiest people that remove the bottlenecks and fill orders.

Requirements of Expo Position

The educational requirements for an expeditor can vary based on the establishment. According to the Cuisine Diner’s Digest, the full-service fine or casual dining facilities, sous chef are often serving as an expo.

The minimum educational requirement of chefs is an associate or bachelor degree in culinary arts. Some students may study a year to learn their primary job responsibilities.

The role and responsibility of expo are to handle the foods by the restaurant manager, shift manager, or crew worker in the fast food restaurant. Most of the employers prefer the restaurant managers that they have an associate or bachelor’s degrees in business, hospitality management or institutional food service management.

An expo may need to have a high school diploma. For an upscale restaurant, they will require that expos have culinary training such as line cook or dishwasher. It may be enough to qualify for an expo position.

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Why Expo is Crucial in Important?

Generally, the expo is working between the front-of-the restaurant and back-of-restaurant and also expo stands for in restaurant. They don’t have to be a kitchen person, but they have to be good t what they do.

The expeditor has the ability to keep cool and remain calm in the most stressful circumstances going on in the restaurant.

Here are a few things a great expo does

  • Knows everything about fire times and line processes
  • Consider the pace of each table
  • Ability to anticipate orders, notify all the food runners
  • Be the ears and eyes for the kitchen in the restaurant as well as a voice for the service staff
  • Should be clean, organized and keep calm under pressure
  • Communicated with the wheel
  • Must refuse items, not to specifications
  • Should be deliberate and quick and also build a true relationship
  • Know everything about the table and its position, server sections
  • Force your team to be moving faster
  • Being a proactive personality and must be a problem solver

Expos are able to do this all those things. With the expos, you can take your restaurant to the next successful level so opt for the perfect person and train the skills.

Moreover, expos are working in a high-stress environment where they should handle the fast pace on a daily basis. The expos will require standing for a long time and exposed to hot kitchen environments on a daily basis.