Best Staff Management Tips to Improve the Restaurant Performance

Are you an owner of the restaurant? If so, it doesn’t matter how good your food is or how far the location is. If your restaurant’s employees are not friendly and competent, your guests are not likely to come back. Most of the restaurant owners open their own restaurant, because of the cooking interest or want to be their own boss.

The best staff is important to the success of the restaurant as great food and a great atmosphere. Here are the tips for bringing out the best in your restaurant staff.

Do you want your restaurant to be prosperous? If so, you should have a manager who will manage restaurant staff and build successful teams. Here are the excellent tips for bringing out the best in your restaurant staff.

Model the Behavior

Are you the owner of a restaurant? You are everything, whether you like it or not. You have to give your staff permission to act as you do. If you are in a bad mood and you treat people very badly. In that case, guess how your staff is going to act? On the flip side, if you are in a good mood and come into a work with a smiley face and a good attitude, your staff will model that behavior like you.

staff management tipsReward Your Staff

Conduct some healthy completion among your staff, and give rewards to your staff that can get the highest check averages. You can use comment cards, you can offer some rewards for staff who get good feedback. You can offer them like money, movie tickets, gift certificates and much more.

Don’t be Cheap

Generally, the staff is the front line of the restaurant. So, sometimes they deal with the unhappy situation when the problem is out of their control. In this case, you have to keep your staff and customer happy.

Have Fun with your Staff

While restaurant staff meeting, have a lot of fun with your staff.

You should make your staff meetings with icebreakers and some restaurant team building activities.

Give Respect to all the Staff

Restaurants have hierarchical relationships from the manager to the dishwasher. Everyone will play an important role in the day-to-day operations and overall success. Make sure that you are respectful of each of them.

Ask Their Opinion

For your restaurant success, you have to ask suggestion for ways to improve your restaurant performance as well as respect their opinion. It can be about everything like the menu, promotional ideas, the color of the restaurant kitchen and restrooms and more.

Work Ethics

The work ethics are pretty self-explanatory. You have to give training to your staff at a specific level of competency for a job.  Another thing is a core competency in your relationship.

How to Manage Restaurant Staff?

Some managers are hired as a restaurant for the replacement for a not-so-great manager. This means the owner may inherit a team that is uninspired, unfocused and drained.

You have to motivate them because motivation can prove to be a harder task instead of hiring a new entire team. In this case, a manager takes responsibility to do this task, they will take some time to address the problems that exist in the restaurant.

With the listening and building foundation, the new manager can foster a true relationship with team members. Here are the staff management tips that can manage restaurant staff as well as build this trusting environment.

  1. Train Restaurant Staff

Give the training to the FOH and BOH staff and ensure that the back of the house knows the proper proportion of foods and sauces to use in each dish. As well as make sure that the servers are well versed in proper serving.

  1. Keep Track of Labor

The excellent way of great manager to manage the staff is to control the cost is in staffing. Every great restaurant manager will become an expert on how to staff a restaurant for a dead rainy night.

  1. Determine regular Food Cost Evaluation

The most important thing is managing the food cost. Food cost means the difference between a falling restaurant and a thriving restaurant. A great manager estimates the food costs based on identity where you are losing and where you might be able to save some money.

Moreover, if you would follow these tips, you can make the perfect staff in your restaurant. Probably, you have to follow two to three tips and be liberal with your staff and make a lot of fun with them. You should motivate restaurant employees and appreciate their work what they do.