The effects of sour and spoiled milk

Milk is one of the most important products that are required for every human right from the day of birth. It has a number of nutrients that are required for a healthy body. It is generally obtained by animals and they will get spoiled if proper care is not applied to them. Form milk there are also certain other products are obtained like curd, butter, cheese, gee, etc. With importance, it is necessary to preserve them. If not, they may get spoiled or soured.

Sour milk Vs spoiled milk

Milk gets soured because of the lactobacillus bacteria present in the milk. When they are not properly pasteurized and when they are not kept in the right temperature these bacteria will affect. In the other hand, milk may get spoiled when such lactobacillus and other fungus start growing in milk and these can be dangerous as well.

Why does milk get sour?

Lactose is the type of sugar present in the milk, it also contains harmless bacteria called Lactobacillus and they are harmless bacteria. These bacteria create the lactic acid as a byproduct and this is also responsible when your milk turns sour. They are also the kind of bacteria that turns the milk into curd and makes the milk protein. Whit out the presence of these bacteria there is no possibility of having curd and further other products like cheese etc.

Pasteurizing is the process that kills such bacteria and they also reduce the number of lactobacilli present in the milk and this will help in having the milk under good condition even for three when they are kept in the fridge.

spoiled milk

How can this sour milk be used in cooking?

You may use this sour milk to the dishes that have cheesy consistency and are creamy like casseroles, seafood, stews or potato bakes. The only thing that you need to do is that you should not make them too much that leads to overpowering.

When you are cooking certain dishes like chicken or fish, you may sour them in this sour milk before cooking. This process may help you to add more flavor to it as if you use the buttermilk for chicken.

In several grains like wheat berries, barley and faro in sour milk also can be used to enhance the taste and final outcome. These can be the use of sour pasteurized milk.

Other applications of spoiled milk apart from cooking

Milk is not only the product that is using in food items alone, apart from food items it is using in several fields and there are certain benefits of sour milk in other areas except cooking

Skin care

One of the common uses of milk is in skin care and beauty applications. When may apply milk on your skin and just rub them. This will highly help you to have a smoother, firmer and lighter surface of the face. When you are a fair skinned person you may have the experience of tanning.


Certain kitchen wastes and other products are the best sources that form as a natural fertilizer to the plants. When you apply this dilute sour milk to the sand in your garden it helps to increase calcium content. In particular, they are very good if you are cultivating tomato plant.

What is spoiled milk?

It is very easy to find that the milk is spoiled even before you are cooking with spoiled milk when you feel that the milk has crossed the expired date or when you have a sip of the milk you might understand them clearly. This will also carry an unusual texture and adds to meaning that they are not fit to drink. Milk generally contains lactobacillus and they are harmless bacteria. When the expiry date is met, they grow in cooler temperature and they spoil the milk and make them inappropriate to drink.

What happens when consuming spoiled milk?

When you use spoiled milk for cooking, they may cause food poisoning, since the bacteria present in them is not healthy. In certain cases they are mild and you may not even notice them, but in some cases they are severe. You may also tend to certain issues like cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and fever as well. You will feel the worse effect just within few hours after drinking the spoiled milk and may last up to 6 days.

On the other, it is not advised to have raw milk since they are not pasteurized they may cause illness and people with the compromised immune system should be very careul with this issue. Sometimes drinking sour milk will also cause certain danger.  In general, all the food products are good, only when they are in good condition to have them.