Effective Guide to Cater Your Own Wedding Within Budget!

In today’s modern World, wedding is one of the expensive events that require a huge amount of money to do it in a satisfactory way. You need to spend money on the wedding arrangements including catering services. It is possible to reduce the cost of wedding catering when you do it yourself.

Catering your own wedding seems to be a challenging task but it can be achieved through well-planning, some arrangements and group of members to support you. Go through this article to know the best ways to cater your own wedding in a cost-effective manner.

Things to consider while catering your own wedding foods

Decide The Type of Wedding

In order to do DIY catering, you must decide on the theme of the wedding. The time of the wedding meals varies from one another. So, know the time when you want to provide the food for the visitors. However, most of the people prefer to plan for meals.

Plan the Wedding Catering

While organizing for the wedding catering you must choose the type of catering that you want to serve in your function. Then discuss the menu that you want to serve and its requirements. Only then you can make the orders for essential equipment and things before the wedding.

Make  a Detailed Menu

Since there are a plethora of options in the wedding catering you need to opt out the desired one. Give more preference to the traditional method, sit-down meal or buffet type. You should make a detailed menu to obtain better results.

The menu should be created in such a way to serve the delicious and various foods within your budget. The best idea is to add your creativity in making your own wedding food. After planning a detailed menu you should prepare to purchase the products that are essential for making the recipes.

Assign a Food Leader

On the wedding day, you won’t find time to manage the catering works. And so, you must assign a person who is capable of overseeing the food arrangements.

Get a suggestion from friends or family and choose the best one as food leader. However, you should make the prior arrangements for the wedding catering.

Create a Checklist

You should prepare a checklist of the dishes that are planned for the wedding. Provide the checklist to the food leader and make sure that all the arrangements are done in accordance with it.

Allocate a Team

Preparing the menu is not only the wedding catering arrangements but also planning for serving. You should select a specific number of people who are very kind and give the serving responsibilities to them.

As you need to serve the number of guests you should prepare the food in a perfect way. Also, you should serve the foods as per the needs of visitors. The best idea is to keep the simple foods as it may avoid the mess in the midst of the crowd.

Purchase Your Supplies on Bulk

The best way to save money on cooking for your own wedding is by purchasing the necessary supplies in bulk amount. You should prepare the list of requirement that is important to handle the catering and buy them from nearby grocery shops or supermarkets.

Also, you should look for the best wholesale shops to buy the materials that are needed to serve the meal. When you buy wholesale foods you can complete your wedding catering more economically.

catering your own wedding foodsCheck Out All the Details

Before a few days of your wedding you should check out all the arrangements for catering. You should never fail to give your best in the great wedding day. Consider the following questions in your catering arrangements,

  • Does your wedding venue have sufficient cooking equipment?
  • How to transport catering supplies from your place to the venue?
  • What is the time to start your cooking process?
  • Do you have enough utensils to store the food?
  • How to complete the cooking process?
  • Who will be with the food leader to maintain the cooking arrangements?
  • Who will serve the food and other dishes that are included in the menu?

These are the major questions that you should have the answer before the wedding days. It is better to create a timeline for better performance.

Thus, these are the best methods to making your own wedding foods in an affordable manner. Make use of these guidelines to make the catering arrangements and enjoy your wedding with your kith & kin.